I was born in New York City on the upper west side of Manhattan. When I was growing up, I often played table tennis in Marty Reisman’s club, which was half a dozen blocks from where I lived. After junior high school, my family moved to Long Island. I attended Stony Brook University and received the B.S. in Mathematics. I then moved to Massachusetts to attend graduate school at MIT and received the Ph.D. in Mathematics (Probability).

There was a very active table tennis club at MIT, and we competed against other schools, attended USATT-sanctioned tournaments, and ran our own USATT-sanctioned tournaments at MIT. I was president of the MIT Table Tennis Club for many years. Currently, I’m one of the organizers of the Boston Table Tennis Club.

I am the creator of a sophisticated table tennis rating system that powers Ratings Central, a website and real-time rating system that I built, maintain, and develop, along with my colleague Sean O’Neill.

After MIT, I went to work as an applied mathematician at TASC (The Analytic Sciences Corporation), a systems engineering company. TASC became part of first Primark, then Litton, and was part of Northrop Grumman for a good number of years before being spun off. I worked there for twenty-two years.

For three and a half years, I was Director of Operations for The Table Tennis Pioneers and Banda Sports, Inc.

Following that, I did some work as a consultant for Stop and Compare Markets, a local Latin supermarket chain.

In January 2012, I took a full-time job with InterSystems Corporation. I am a Senior Developer Support Engineer.

On July 7, 2014, Anne Arrowsmith and I married.

Here are some miscellaneous photos:

David J. Marcus, Ph.D.

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