Bay State Games

The Bay State Games is the Massachusetts State Games. The Summer Games table tennis event was held every year in the middle of July, most recently at the Boston TTC in Medford. Following are the rules that applied and information on the Hall of Fame and past events.

Bay State Games Table Tennis Event

Athletes are eligible for the Bay State Games table tennis event if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

All athletes receive a Bay State Summer Games T-shirt. The top three finishers in each division receive medals and Bay State Games jackets from New Balance. Athletes who medal in more than one division will receive only one jacket.

DivisionStarting Time
Age 8–1810 a.m.
Age 19–3911:30 a.m.
Age 40–594 p.m.
Age 60 and Up5 p.m.
Open (age 8 and up)1 p.m.
Novice 8–1810 a.m.
Novice 19 and Up11:30 a.m.

Athletes must arrive by the starting times of their divisions. Play in each division will run past the starting time of the next division. Athletes in all divisions must be prepared to stay until 10 p.m., if necessary.

Athletes may enter one or two divisions. Athletes will play at least two matches in the Open Division and at least three matches in other divisions.

All divisions are co-ed. Ages are as of the competition date.

The Novice divisions are intended for players with limited or no tournament experience. They are not “rating events”. To be eligible for the Novice divisions, athletes must either have no USATT or Ratings Central ratings or their USATT and Ratings Central ratings must both be less than 800 for the Novice 8–18 or less than 1000 for the Novice 19 and Up.

The Boston TTC is air conditioned and has six ITTF-approved tables, bright lighting, and a wood playing floor. Reasonably-priced drinks will be available.

If you follow the directions, the Boston TTC is easy to find. If you try to find the club without following the directions or by using a mapping service, you may have trouble because the club is behind Mystic Ave. and is not visible from Mystic Ave. There is plenty of parking.

Matches count for Ratings Central ratings, but not for USATT ratings.

Bay State Games Hall of Fame

The Bay State Games Hall of Fame was created in 2001 to achieve two major goals. The first was to recognize Bay State Games athletic alumni who have gone onto prestigious and successful collegiate, professional, or Olympic careers, while the second was to recognize former coaches, officials, sports organizers, volunteers, venues, and organizations that have made significant contributions to the Bay State Games throughout its history. This unique format of recognizing athletes as well as individuals and organizations that have played a significant role in the success of the Games has led to an impressive list of Hall of Fame inductees. Each year, nominations for the Hall of Fame are reviewed by a committee which makes the final determination on who is inducted. Nominations can be submitted by anyone. Criteria include years of service, role within the Games, and a host of other factors.

Hall of Fame Inductees

The photo shows the 2007 inductees holding the plaques that they received at the Opening Ceremonies, July 12, 2007. Left to right, they are:

Past Bay State Games Table Tennis Events

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