US Open Team Championship
“Detroit Teams”

The Detroit Teams was the World’s Largest Tournament and was held the Friday through Sunday after Thanskgiving. The 1997 Detroit Teams was the last.

The 1997 Detroit Teams was the 63rd. The 1997 Detroit Teams had:

The highest-rated team had a rating of 2768 and the lowest-rated team had a rating of 309. The entry fee for the 1997 Detroit Teams was $320 per team, so the cost per match was $4.68.

Here is a table comparing the 1997 Detroit Teams with the 1997 US Open and the 1997 US Nationals. (For the Open and the Nationals the values for Players, Matches, and Matches Per Player do not include doubles, hardbat, and most of the disabled events, and the cost per match is for an adult player who enters three round robin and two single elimination events.)

USOTC US Open US Nationals
Days 3 5 5
Tables 132 76 72
Table-Days 396 380 360
Players 699 785 652
Matches 6527 3276 3198
Matches Per Player 18.68 8.35 9.81
Entry Fee Per Match $4.68 $7.59 $7.59
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